I'm Komal, and I like to share the things that I do with the world. For example, right now, I am sitting on my red couch in Ottawa, planning my move to NYC and watching YouTube videos on my AppleTV (thanks VlogBrothers, Casey Neistat, iiSuperwomanii, and everyone else for keeping me company) while writing copy for this page.

I digress.

Sometimes I take myself too seriously, and sometimes I like to laugh a lot and really loudly. My boyfriend Mitch is usually the culprit to my from-the-gut laughter, and I'm really grateful for that.

So. Why are you reading this? 

I like to help people. And I like to make media that tells the stories of the people I meet along the way on this journey called life. I love business, I love film, I love people, and I love writing. So, this website came to life, as did my company KoMedia.

Tag along with my weekly Musings and my monthly articles on The Huffington Post. This is where you'll get the latest updates, happy and sad blog posts, and all of the things that are happening in my life and work. I like to write, shoot, edit, and share all that I do, so come along for a fun, oversharing-filled ride!


- Koko (this is my nickname from my nieces and it stuck)