I am an Indian-Canadian woman compelled to serve the girls and women in this world who were not born with the same privileges I happened to be born with. I do this in the only way I know how, with my pen, my camera, my brain, and my team.


Our Mission

KoMedia was a catalyst to my economic and spiritual awakening. This company has served as my means of expression and service to the world. In this vein, the mission of the company is to tell the real, complicated, and empowering stories of women and girls from around the world to educate, inspire, and systematically change how females are treated globally. Our investments are varied, and trend in the space of social impact investing.

This is very much a feminist company and one that is representative of the power of the female economy.

Women are starting 1200 businesses a day. These are their stories. This is our revolution.
— Dream, Girl | A documentary about kickass female entrepreneurs