This is me, in a nutshell!

Komal Minhas is an Indo-Canadian film producer, writer, and investor. She has been deeply committed to improving the lives of women and girls globally, and champions this work with her continued investments and work in film and storytelling through her company KoMedia Inc.

Komal takes on projects that are audacious in nature, and that has been the case with producing and co-founding the documentary, Dream, Girl with her business partner Erin Bagwell. 

Komal Minhas

Dream, Girl tells the inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs and CEOs to empower the next generation of girl bosses to dream bigger. The Dream, Girl movement was brought to life by director Erin Bagwell, and close to 2,000 backers on Kickstarter, with $100k pledged. The momentum behind the film and the push for more #complicatedwomen and #realwomen on screen, is part of a greater shift towards media that reflects our lived reality. The film is set to release in the spring of 2016.

Komal is taking the Dream, Girl movement and its feminist message global to empower more women and girls to dream big in business, media, and beyond.

“I am the woman who needs this message. My story is that of the women in this film. We are making Dream, Girl for the girls and women whose favourite film it will become. Let’s inspire them to live out their biggest dreams.”
— - Komal Minhas

Komal writes for The Huffington Post and enjoys creating original YouTube content as she travels the world working with women and girls. She has won awards for her gender and film-related work from the Government of Ontario, alongside other Canadian institutions and was selected as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum in 2012.

Komal was born and raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta and calls Ottawa and NYC home. She received her journalism degree from Carleton University and completed her graduate work in social innovation at the University of Waterloo and looks to complete her MBA at Stanford in the future.