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NBC: From Oprah’s #SuperSoul100 to the White House, Filmmaker Komal Minhas is Lifting Other Women’s Stories

‘My experience with cancer, and sharing the experience so publicly, has made me realize that my place in this movement is to enable people to create stories that a decade ago, would not have been created or told," she said. "This wave of feminism is about women telling their true and raw stories, and that’s what I want to help bring light to."‘.

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SELF Magazine: Cancer Taught Me That Real Self Care Can Be Deeply Uncomfortable

‘It’s not easy to do the work involved in true self-care. It requires sacrifices. Leaving behind the production company I was fiercely proud of and a co-founder and team I love was a profoundly difficult decision. Starting over was earth-shattering.

But, here on the other side, I can say that it was the best and only decision I could have made.’

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National Observer: Meet Komal Minhas, the unstoppable Canadian entrepreneur who took the White House by storm

“Dream, Girl has been met with resounding success so far, with over 300 requests for screenings in 27 different countries and dozens of screenings in Canada and the U.S.. The documentary landed Minhas a speaking engagement at the Cannes Film Festival in France last year, and a feature with Bagwell in a TEDWomen campaign. The tenacious pair have been praised in media outlets like Forbes, Vogue, The Washington Post, among others, and this year, Dream, Girl was named the number one "Feminist Film to Watch" by Huffington Post.”

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